Landscapers In Ilkeston

We are the most experienced and established landscaper in Nottingham, taking on even the most daunting of landscape construction designs. Our HND qualified drawing team provide profesional garden design in Nottingham and Derbyshire. Here , a large sloping lawn has been elevated using over 13 tonnes of natural stone walling, in-filled with 150 tonnes of top-soil then turfed and planted to create a mature finish, in-keeping with the existing site. To add to the hard work carried out on this job, all the soil and walling-stone had to be wheelbarrowed round, as there was a swimming pool in the way!

Synthetic Turf

Are you too busy to keep your garden in tip-top condition? Do you need more time to pursue you hobbies, or to spend with the kids? Artificial lawns may well be the answer. We can install a hard wearing, life-like grass substitute that will free up your spare time!
Synthetic turf has come a long way and we are now able to offer a high quality product that looks and feel great. No more mowing, edging, weed-and -feed, etc. giving you more time! Landscapers in Ilkeston Gordon Ash LTD have teamed up with the leading brands of Smart Grass, and can offer you the best deals for full removal of old lawn- replace with synthetic turf service in Nottingham and Derby.

Fencing In Nottingham

If you need a new Palisade security fence , or garden fencing in Nottingham and Derby, we are able to offer a wide range of options. Ilkeston fencing contractors Gordon Ash Landscapes LTD have been erecting fencing in Nottingham and Derby for over 40 years. We only use the best quality materials, and always work to a very high standard.
Fencing in Nottingham is a very competitive market, and prices will not vary much between different contractors. It is important to choose someone with a solid reputation and experience over a company newly formed from out-of- work building site labourers who mean well but dont have the same skill levels, may not be insured, Or cant offer you the same guarantees. Since 1967 we have been Ilkeston fencing contractors.

Driveways and Pavings in Derby

There are many people offering Block Paving in Nottingham, and all types of Driveways in Derby. Many have stated up during the collapse of the building boom. To give yourself the piece of mind needed before committing to one of these gangs, you should ask them; how long they have been trading?, can you see examples of their work?, what sort of after sales service you can expect?
Gordon Ash Landscapes LTD have been paving contractors in Ilkeston for many years. We have constructed hundreds of driveways in Derby and Nottingham. Paving with all types of units from Tarmac , Clay Pavers, Drivesets, and basic Block Paving. We also install gravel of all colours and textures.